Ecovillage Boekel

Country: Netherlands (Coordinates: 51.595617 , 5.681847) Status: Proposed VCA
Ecoregion: Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests Size: 2 Hectares

Ecovillage Boekel will be managed in two sections:

Building area (1.2ha)

In 2018, we plan to build of the first circle of 10 climate adaptive and climate positive, bio-based houses. In the middle of each circle we will have a biodiversity garden, with a herb spiral and a variety of flowers. Also there will be nesting possibilities for different kinds of birds.

The houses will be covered with green roofs and maybe we will even have vertical gardens against part of the walls.

We collect rain water from the rooftops, filter it to drinking water quality, use it as little as possible, then filter it from useful minerals and clean it from medicine particles after which it can infiltrate in the ground or be used to flush our toilets.

Food area (0.7ha)

Our goal is to have a climate-proof food garden, with high biodiversity. We use biodynamic and permaculture farming.

Conservation Action

We aim to be a fully registered VCA listed on the VCA Registry by the end of 2017 or early 2018.

If you have warm feelings to our project and you want to do something to help us to reach everything we have planned, it is possible to support us through donations or investments.

For more details, please visit:

  • The village
  • The food area
  • The building area