VCA Guidance

vca-logo-inclusiveOur guidance is for landowners and land managers who would like to register their area as Verified Conservation Area. It includes the VCA Standard and the VCA Toolkit.

Download our flyer on how to register a VCA

VCA Standard

The VCA Standard sets out the requirements for an area to be listed in the VCA Registry and to remain listed. There is also an option to list an area initially as a proposed VCA in the VCA Pipeline.

Download the VCA Standard (current release: May 2017)

VCA Toolkit

The VCA Toolkit offers recommended best practice for managing an area for conservation outcomes.

Biodiversity – Tools for understanding and valuing biodiversity

Plan – Tools for developing a Conservation Management Plan

Report – Tools for producing Conservation Performance Reports

Conserve – Tools for conserving landscapes, habitats & species

Use – Tools for managing alternative sustainable land uses

Terms -Definitions of key terms used for VCAs

We welcome your suggestions for improving our  guidance. Suggestions on practical tools for area-based conservation are particularly welcome.