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Protecting biodiversity

The natural world is under increasing pressure worldwide, but also in the Netherlands. Additional effort is required, not only in nature areas, but also in places where economic or other activities take place. The Verified Conservation Areas (VCA) registry contributes to this by making efforts visible.

Making efforts visible

The VCA register makes efforts for the conservation and improvement of natural resources transparent, and visible to the outside world. At the same time, it forms a network for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

VCA Netherlands Community of Practice

The VCA register in the Netherlands has become better known in recent years. The aim is to inform more parties about the added value provided by the register, and to encourage them to participate. This year, 13 companies are collaborating with the government and nature conservation organizations in a Community of Practice, and are learning more about the VCA approach. You can find more information about this on these pages.

Want to learn more, or interested in joining?

Contact Wim van de Meerendonk (Rijkswaterstaat)