Register your area

hectare by hectareBe recognised for restoring, preserving, maintaining, sustainable using, and enhancing the natural environment.

Register your area as a Verified Conservation Area.

The VCA Registry process consists of two straightforward steps:

Step 1: Register a VCA

To list your area on the VCA Registry, you will need to submit a Conservation Management Plan and an Audit of the plan.

Note: You also have the option of initially listing your area in the VCA Pipeline as a Proposed VCA by submitting a VCA Proposal and a Letter of Support. A Proposed VCA needs to become a Registered VCA within two years of listing.

Step 2: Remain registered as a VCA

To remain registered, annually submit a Conservation Performance Report and an Audit of the report.

For further details, please see: Guidance

Also, click here to download and distribute our flyer on registering a VCA.

We look forward to registering your area as a VCA and to recognising your contribution to conserving our planet!