Register your area

Be recognised for restoring, preserving, maintaining, sustainable using, and enhancing the natural environment. Register your area as a Verified Conservation Area.

By registering a VCA, you will publicly confirm that your area is being managed to conserve nature.

Step 1 -To register your area as a VCA, an area-based conservation management plan is required.

Step 2 – To remain registered, annual conservation performance reports are required.

Land managers can also provide additional assurance to stakeholders through an auditing process.

For VCAs that are not externally audited, we request a letter of support from an independent, reputable conservation professional.

The VCA Registry includes three levels of recognition:

Confirmed (Bronze) – Conservation plan, letter of support, and annual performance reports

Audited (Silver) – Conservation plan and annual reports plus audits of the plan and reports

Champion (Gold) – 5 years of audited reports or 10 years of confirmed reports

The requirements for registration are set out in the VCA Standard.

For further details, please see our VCA Guidance section.

We look forward to registering your VCA and to recognising your voluntary commitment to conserving our planet!