The VCA Registry

Verified Conservation Areas

The VCA Registry recognises conservation in areas where we live and work. It enables transparency and public accountability for the conservation actions of private, corporate and community land managers

The Registry includes VCAs that are voluntarily Confirmed or independently Audited. 

We aim to register the listed Proposed VCAs early in 2018.

To include your area to the VCA Registry, please see: Register your area

Yemen 1,816 Audited
France 600 Proposed
Mozambique 250,000 Audited
Ecuador 411 Proposed
Sweden 6,300 Audited
Spain 177 Proposed
United Kingdom 1,400 Audited
Germany 700 Proposed
Solomon Islands 14,400 Proposed
Netherlands 15 Proposed
Netherlands 20,000 Proposed
Indonesia 105,372 Proposed
Belgium 65 Proposed
Malawi 27 Confirmed
Netherlands 2 Audited
Romania 20,000 Proposed
Indonesia 10,626 Audited
Indonesia 17,415 Audited
Netherlands 8 Audited