Recommended tools for monitoring and reporting on conservation performance


A User’s Guide to Biodiversity Indicators – EASAC
Presents a systematic description of 17 different indicators related to particular aspects of biodiversity and an analysis of their current and potential utility.

Biodiversity Indicators for Monitoring Impacts and Conservation Actions – EBI
Developed by the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative for the oil & gas sector, this document explains how to determine indicators for different temporal and spatial scales in a project.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Tools for Biodiversity Conservation and Development Projects – C.A.P.E.
This document was produced by Cape Action for People and the Environment (C.A.P.E.) in South Africa. It provides some good, basic information on developing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation programme for nature conservation in the context of sustainable development.

Biodiversity Fund Ecological Monitoring Guide – Government of Australia
Describes how to establish biodiversity monitoring sites in an area, how to set up a transect and plot or series of transects and plots, and how to record data on vegetation cover and exotic fauna.


Biodiversity Reporting Resource – GRI
Standardised guidelines for biodiversity reporting from the Global Reporting Initiative. Though these guidelines focus on corporate reporting, they provide useful, practical guidance on conservation performance reporting,

G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Implementation Manual – GRI
In GRI’s latest reporting guidelines, there is a specific section on biodiversity which has been extracted. For the whole report go to