Sustainable use

Recommended tools for the sustainable use of natural resources including environmental and social certification schemes for specific land uses


Short Guide to Sustainable Agriculture – SAI Platform
A general overview of key issues from the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform including land use and biodiversity conservation.

A Closer Look at Biodiversity – Unilever
Developed for Unilever’s suppliers to help them understand why biodiversity is important for farming and what they can do to have a positive impact on biodiversity.
Also see Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code which includes detailed guidance on biodiversity.

Managing Agricultural Resources for Biodiversity Conservation: A Guide for Best Practices – ELCI
From the Environment Liaison Centre International, this guide looks at principles relevant to the conservation of agricultural genetic resources, the conservation of ecological services, and the conservation of wild biodiversity in agricultural areas.

Conservation Grade Protocol – Conservation Grade
A UK-based farming standard which prescribes the creation and maintenance of wildlife habitats, creation of a Farm Environment Plan and pesticide restrictions.
Also see


CCB Project Design Standards – CCBA
Developed by the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance for projects that simultaneously address climate change, support local communities and conserve biodiversity.
Also see

CCB Standards: Biodiversity – CCBA & RA
An in-depth training presentation prepared by CCBA and the Rainforest Alliance on the biodiversity component of the CCB Standard.


Biodiversity Positive: Eco-Towns Biodiversity Worksheet – TCPA
Provides guidance from the UK-based Town and Country Planning Association eco-towns, identifying the essential steps required to ensure that their design, development and long-term management results in sustained positive outcomes for biodiversity.

Sustainable Construction Biodiversity Guide – Marks & Spencer
An in-house company guide for biodiversity management in store developments.


MSC Fishery Standard: Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing – MSC
The core fishing standard of the Marine Stewardship Council emphasizing the maintenance and re-establishment of healthy populations of targeted species, the maintenance of the integrity of ecosystems and the development and maintenance of effective fisheries management systems.
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Biophysical Principles for Designing Resilient Networks of Marine Protected Areas – CTI
Combines and integrates the principles of fisheries, biodiversity and climate change in establishing effective marine protected area networks in the Coral Triangle.


FSC Step-by-Step Guide – FSC
A good practice guide to meeting FSC certification requirements for biodiversity and high conservation value Forests.
Also see FSC Certification: Protection of Biodiversity and

Who Conserves the Worlds Forests? Community-Driven Strategies to Protect Forests & Respect Rights – Forest Trends & EP An attempt to produce a global estimate of the scope of community conservation.

Sustainable Forest Management – CBD & IUCN
A good practice guide on how sustainable forest management can go hand in hand with economic development.

Guidelines for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Tropical Timber production forests – ITTO & IUCN
Guidelines on how to sustainably use tropical timber.


Guidelines for Maximizing Biodiversity on Golf Courses – ARCBC
This report from the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC) discusses ways in which golf courses can maximize ecological integrity in the ‘in-play’ and ‘out of play’ areas, as well as ways to manage species on golf courses and promote conservation ethics among the clientele.

Also see the website of the Golf Environment Organization (


Good Practice Guidance for Biodiversity and Mining – ICMM
Offers guidance on managing biodiversity for the three main operational stages of a mining project: project development, operations and closure.

Non-Energy Mineral Extraction and Natura 2000 – EC
Guidance from the European Commission for the Non-Energy Extractive Industry (NEEI) sector in Europe on operating compatibly with the EU Habitats and Birds Directives.

Biodiversity Management System at Holcim Sites – IUCN
Detailed presentation of integrated management plans for biodiversity, specifically at Holcim sites.

Oil & Gas

A Guide to Developing Biodiversity Action Plans for the Oil and Gas Sector – IPIECA
An industry guide on the general process to be used in preparing and implementing a biodiversity action plan.

Ecosystem Services Guidance – IPIECA
An industry reference document that clearly identifies potential biodiversity impacts on an oil and gas site and the mitigation techniques to limit or reverse negative impacts.


Siting and Design of Hotels and Resorts: Principles and Case Studies for Biodiversity Conservation – IUCN
Focuses on how biodiversity and associated social impacts can be better addressed in hotel and resort development.

Ecolodges: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Business – IFC
This report includes an annex on indicators for biodiversity impact.